Sour grapes Italian authorities uncover scandalous production of faux balsamic vinegar

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A huge food fraud scandal has been uncovered in Italy involving million of euros worth of grapes used to make fraudulent balsamic vinegar. Balsamic vinegar of Modena is a location protected food item under EU regulations the grapes used in production must be sourced from several very specific places in Italy. But Italian authorities discovered recently that table grapes were in fact being sold to some companies producing traditional balsamic vinegar. While balsamic vinegar can be brought for cheap prices in most local supermarkets some traditional and authentic vinegars can reach into the hundreds of euros. Meeting sees the biggest presence in terms of gender diversity in the competitions history. The committee then evaluated the submissions on criteria such as feasibility and selected 28 for participation. Perus German Tejeda will pitch Los inocentes confusion and the end of innocence. So far 43 billion barrels of oil or its gas equivalent have been extracted from UK waters. Estimates of oil and gas potential have been part of the debate about the financial situation facing Scotland should it become independent. The regulator said oil output last year was up 8

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