Swine fever has wreaked havoc with Chinas pork production and the world is feeling it

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The disease is killing multitudes of animals and driving up prices. to meet chinas insatiable demand for pork products which are expected to hit a record high in. As such and we expect it to be a five to seven year problem before production can be restored. In the movie the home of scientist Hank Pym is real life house of San Francisco resident Matt Leffers and his family. robotics event boston dynamics announced its intention to commercialize spotmini. The Bay Area based startups imaging technology forms a key component to Boston Dynamics revamped version of its wheeled robot hand. As Raibert noted onstage Handle is the closest Boston Dynamics has come to a purpose built robot i. Its a side of Boston Dynamics weve not really seen before. Boston Dynamics also has a few more ideas of what the future could look like for the robot

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