Rudy says Muellers prosecutors believe Trumps bad and would investigating Trump if they could

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Appearing Thursday on MSNBC fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe agreed with host Rachel Maddow that special counsel Robert Muellers report on alleged Trump Russia collusion offers prosecutors a road map to pursue charges against President Donald Trump after he leaves office. i see this essentially as a road map for prosecutors after the president has left office or for the judiciary committee while the president is still in office to essentially pursue those charges in a trial after hes no longer president or an impeachment proceedings. what director mueller has done here is hes provided an avalanche of facts that clearly indicate obstructive activity on the part of the president. Special counsel and former FBI director Robert Mueller. # p #3_5 # ad skipped = NULL #As I look at this in its entirety Alksne said. He would have been indicted whenever you see that substantial evidence and tease it up to Congress to do what they think is appropriate to follow what justice needs. # p #5_5 # ad skipped = NULL ## p #6_5 # ad skipped = NULL #. Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani continued to rage against Robert Muellers team on Friday claiming prosecutors would still be investigating the president if it were up to them. President Trump blasted the Crazy Mueller Report in a morning tweet. According to the report Trump claimed he was f**ed when he learned of Robert Muellers appoint

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