Rare Disney Memorabilia To Be Auctioned Off Including Walt Disneys Original Planning Documents

rare auction


The oil old Mozart playing a harpsichord in front of a score and wearing a white wig and a red frock coat. At the time of the painting giving concerts all around the country. Pietro Lugiati was very impressed by the talent of the young Mozart when he was travelling in Italy with his father Centner dOultremont said. The painting was commissioned by Pietro Lugiati after an organ concert by Mozart in Verona. When he learned that we were about to have Wolfgangs portrait painted and that we wanted to continue our journey he agreed to let us lunch with Sig. We then continued with Wolfgangs portrait sitting and we only sat down to eat at three oclock. The collection also includes original documents from the parks founding containing descriptions and a hand colored map of what Disney expected the park to look like

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