Recall Alert Insulin Pump Can Deliver Incorrect Doses 1 Death Reported

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Time Out New Yorks Things To Do This WeekendTheres still time to make plans for the weekend. Will Gleason from Time Out New York stopped by to discuss whats happening in the city this weekend. There have been reported incidents of a loose reservoir that can no longer be locked into the pump. The reservoir can become loose due to a broken or missing retainer ring that prevents a proper lock. The letter Medtronic sent to patients using these pumps encourages them to examine the trainer ring used in their pumps. In its warning at the time the FDA noted that these devices pose the risk of someone nearby connecting wirelessly and then potentially hacking into the devices. On Thursday which helps keep the insulin cartridge locked in the pumps reservoir compartment. incorrect delivery of the life saving drug could cause hypoglycemia. Insulin pumps are small devices that can deliver insulin and help diabetes patients reach desired blood glucose levels as part of their management of the disease. This isnt the first time that there has been a recall of certain MiniMed insulin pumps

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