MSNBCs Maddow Celebrates NYT Reporters Who Exposed Weinstein Scandal Ignores How NBC Spiked Same Story

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Thats right and Im so glad you brought that up Kelly said as she proceeded to elaborate. Kelly touted it as this great find yet that was not what they chose to have excerpted for the infamous Times hit piece. acting as though they had nothing to do with what their paper wrote about their book pogrebin whined. At least following Times reporters Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kellys appearance Wednesday evening at the National Press Club. Ok so he tried to get reporters to lie for him. Circuit Judge trusting them to keep it under their hat. RONAN FARROW EX PRODUCER SAYS NBC TOLD THEM TO STOP REPORTING WEINSTEIN STORYMaddow began the segment by reading a lengthy excerpt from the book which details Kantor and Twoheys investigative journey behind the Weinstein scandal. Twohey responded by name dropping Farrow a firm founded by former Israeli spies. You would have to ask NBC and NBC executives about the details of that story Farrow responded. Drinking culture and American kidsOn Americas college campuses there are epidemics we talk about and those we dont

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