BBC Reporter Confronts Saoradh Members Over Lyra Mckee Death

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Theyve been the focus of a backlash in Northern Ireland following Lyra McKees death. They say they played no role in her death. The BBCs Emma Vardy tried to ask questions of Thomas Ashe Mellon a prominent member of the group. along comes this dilemma of college student loans and unfathomable debt. Americas student debt crisis is multi generational and alters futures often for the worse. people sharing their own drama with student debt that has shadowed them for years. Clearly though millions of families feel as though they will never pay it off. Their college debt has proved as life changing as college itself. Three journalists were left in the cold last night as they were banned from entering a local election count in Kent. Interns Jessica Sharp and Chloe Rose were denied accreditation before the count

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