Cheese Reporter editor accused of telling GOP official Hope you dont get raped at a MAGA rally

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Cheese Reporter and the employee ask for your understanding during this difficult time and in no way does Cheese Reporter or the employee condone or endorse any of these hacked messages. TORONTO A veteran television reporter who left CTV after a woman accused him of lewd behaviour at the Ontario legislature was fired for repeated sexual misconduct involving young women new court documents allege. CTV has previously refused to confirm it fired Bliss but the filing makes clear thats what happened. In her post she alleged an unnamed but award winning CTV reporter had shown her around and they ended up in his office at the legislature. In his claim against the network and Brown saying he kissed her and engaged in mutual fondling. but it may just depend about whose table youre talking about. Despite the preliminary findings of Special Counsel Robert Mueller Tlaib and Green are still pushing to impeach President Trump. The Michigan congresswoman spoke in more measured terms last week as she touted a new effort to impeach Trump. impeaching president trump appears popular in the districts represented by green tlaib and a host of other democrats. Is there distance between Pelosi and Democrats like Green and Tlaib?

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