New Republic Faces Fallout Over Inappropriate And Invasive Buttigieg Column

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A controversial essay about 2020 presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg in The New Republic was deleted hours after it was published following a torrent of social media criticism. all this makes mary pete different from every other left leaning neoliberal in exactly zero ways. You know and I know that Mary Pete is a gay teenager. makes one thing clear Mary Pete was never a teenager. These are rites of passage for a lot of gay men and it fuels many aspects of gay culture. The New Republic will no longer co ed it published about South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg last week. But backlash over TNRs publishing an offensive and homophobic op ed on Friday about Buttigieg Gizmodo said in a statement Saturday. This incident was entirely inconsistent with our values as journalists and with the inclusive atmosphere we intend to foster at the event Gizmodo said in its statement. In his piece Peck referred to the candidate as Mary Pete and called him the gay equivalent of Uncle Tom. He also claimed Buttigieg would be too sexually promiscuous to make a good president

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