Washington Monthly Florida Republicans Are Attempting to Nullify the Will of Voters

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But just as weve seen in states like Michigan Republicans who control the Florida state legislature are attempting to subvert the will of the voters. As in most areas of abuse in the criminal justice system Florida is a leader when it comes to imposing fees and fines on offenders. The report goes on to note that these court fees create a self perpetuating cycle of debt that in some counties leads to a new form of debtors prison. In addition to court fees a growing practice in the criminal justice system is to charge inmates and parolees for the services they receive. So the Republicans have come up with a plan that pretty much nullifies the intent of the voters in their state. And no hes just not worth it is not an acceptable excuse. Even if he wins he is term limited out of office after 2024. Still voting rights are different in that theyre a fundamental freedom. as governor of florida allowing non violent offenders to have their voting rights automatically restored. Walker ruled that Floridas process for seeking restoration of voting rights in Florida was unconstitutional because it relied too much on personal appeal to Governor Scott

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