Inside Republicans multi front battle with Trump

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Story Continued BelowNow with McConnell up for reelection and eager to protect his narrow majority its Senate Republicans who are trying to take control. Its an inflection point with Senate Republicans weighing how hard to try to contain the president. The swift anti Cain blitz might cripple his nomination in the Senate though Trump could go forward with him Kobach or Cuccinelli anyway and test his sway with Senate Republicans. The goal is for Senate Republicans to stop the nominations before they are forced to vote on them. And other Trump allies are perplexed at the efforts by some Senate Republicans to thwart the president from nominating his own favorites. Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Dominique A. even president donald trumps allies are getting nervous as his behavior never restrained or deliberative has become more unpredictable and tumultuous in recent weeks. Trumps also been wildly levying and lifting threats and promises with no rhyme or reason. But even before the year started Trump was on a downward trajectory. He abandoned a federal funding deal he had agreed to with the Senate only to shut down much of the government for nearly five weeks in an ultimately failed gambit to secure border wall funding

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