Thailand rescues six baby elephants stuck in a muddy pond

rescue elephant


BANGKOK Six baby elephants have been rescued by a team of park rangers in northeastern Thailand. The rangers came across the elephant calves on Wednesday afternoon as they were struggling to climb the pits slippery banks according to officials of Thap Lan National Park. Some of the rangers went for help while others spent the night with the baby elephants. The rangers cheer the elephants on but finally all make it out of the muck. Elephants are the official national animal of Thailand and for a time graced the countrys flag when it was still called Siam. One elephant struggles but finally all make it out of the muck. The last of the animals then lingers after all the others have made it past the tree line. It faces the rangers for a moment pauses and finally runs into the jungle. They are notorious for raiding farmers fields for food especially sugar cane. Several people are killed each year by angry elephants

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