Firefighters rescue ducklings from drain in San Diego area

rescue firefighter


The San Diego Union Tribune reports churchgoers called police Sunday afternoon after hearing the ducks chirping from the drain in Chula Vista. Fire officials say the ducklings might have fallen through holes in a grate while walking through a parking lot. Chula Vista Battalion Chief Rich Brocchini says rescuers found the ducklings mother but she flew away when they tried to capture her to relocate the family. He says the ducklings will be taken to the San Diego Humane Societys Project Wildlife where they will be raised until they can survive on their own. Sorry we couldnt find a match for that please try again. A priest entered the burning Notre Dame cathedral with firefighters to help rescue relics including the Crown of Thorns. On Monday firefighters police officers and some municipal employees formed a human chain at Notre Dame to rescue its treasures. Risking their own lives as they toiled through the night firefighters formed a human chain to rescue a swathe of Notre Dames priceless treasures. The firefighters then moved in forming a human chain to bring them to safety. Policemen were carrying crosses marvelling at the almost superhuman effort

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