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At the same time the study shows that the behaviour of the stem cells changes when the researchers introduce a specific and frequently found cancer mutation to the skin stem cells. Surprisingly the mutation did not as expected cause cells to divide more often; instead stem cells had a tendency to generate more stem cells and not mature sebaceous gland cells when they divided. Difference in Cell DivisionIn the study the researchers tracked stem cell division in the skin of live mice. During the formation of the sebaceous gland this more often led to the formation of two new stem cells than into mature sebaceous gland cells. Instead stem cells with the cancer mutation are much more likely to divide into two new stem cells than generating mature sebaceous gland cells. Japan has become the first country to allow the birthing of human animal embryos to create human organs. Nakauchi hopes to eventually create animals with complete human organs that could be transferred into a human body. The ban also forbade scientists from transplanting organs developed in animal embryos to other animals. Human cells have been grown in animal embryos in other countries

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