Pennsylvania state Representative resigns after being sexual attack

resign pennsylvania


The woman filed a complaint against Ellis about a week ago with the House that showed she was cooperating with law enforcement. The states victims advocate said the woman had rebuffed the lawmakers advances multiple times before. In a statement written to the House speaker on Monday WTAE reports. His unnamed accuser is reportedly a state employee who never worked directly for Ellis according to state victim advocate Jennifer Storm. A criminal investigation by the Dauphin County District Attorney is ongoing but Ellis has yet to be charged with any crime. Wechsler said that the woman is cooperating with law enforcement agents on their investigation into her allegations. The woman said the reason she did not immediately report the incident was because of fear of professional and personal retaliation. Her attorney said that she works for the Pennsylvania state government but not directly for Ellis. The woman said the reason she came forward now is that the states House of Representatives recently created a process to work through sexual assault complaints. Brian Ellis wrote in a letter to the House speaker that he was quitting immediately

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