Committee To Vote On Bill That Would Allow California State Workers To Bring Infants To Work

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Scott Wiener would allow surgery only if deemed medically necessary. In the bill that do not fit typical binary notions of male or female bodies. Currently parents can give consent for surgery. The bill would prohibit surgery without the written consent of the intersex child. Intersex people are a part of the fabric of our states diversity to be celebrated the bill says. They should be free to choose whether to undergo life altering surgeries. Lawmakers say the bill was pulled from Wednesdays hearing but it will come up in committee again in the next few weeks. Wednesday morning the bill was scheduled to be voted on in the Public Employment and Retirement Committee hearing. When I walked in the first day I said How is this going to work? branch supervisor Sherryl Smith said. So agencies have to apply to determine if it offers a safe and healthy environment for a baby

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