In California abundant rains 618 inches of snow bring an end to drought

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The painted lady migration is not rare but rather has been taking place for centuries Lepidopterist Rick Mikula told Accuweather. Higher levels of desert rainfall has resulted in a larger number of North American painted lady butterflies migrating this season. Painted lady butterflies are shown in California. Another round of rain will fall across Southern California as a relatively mild storm moves through the area on Wednesday according to forecasts. Meteorologists predict a 50 to 60 percent chance of rain throughout Central and Southern California. He said most Californians should expect a mild cooling in the middle of the week with moderate precipitation. Residents will get a brief respite from precipitation on Friday until a fast moving low pressure system brings even more rain to Southern California on Saturday. That should bring drier weather and bring temperatures back up to seasonal averages by the beginning of next week. Walker Canyon and the city of Lake Elsinore have an ongoing super bloom of orange poppies. people walk in a super bloom of poppies in lake elsinore

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