At congressional hearing Gov Inslee gets goaded by Republicans on coal and his jet trip to DC

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Buddy Carter quizzing Inslee on why he didnt mention it in his seven page opening testimony. Legislation to set that deadline in Washington state is moving through the Legislature. and i would invite you to come meet the people who are having trouble breathing because of coal fired electricity pollution. I am happy to discuss this with you further Inslee said as the exchange ended. The Shiv Sena on Wednesday accused the Congress of spreading the phrase Hindu terror during its rule saying it encouraged terrorists from Pakistan to carry out their activities in India. The word saffron terror or Hindu terror was spread when the Congress was in power at the Centre. The spread of the term Hindu terror encouraged terrorists from Pakistan. Pakistanis put the onus of terror strikes on Hindu extremists Now the Marathi daily said. The Sena said both the leaders have openly challenged the Constitution and the law of the land. Ross wrote in a letter to the panel Tuesday that he would not attend the hearing expressing concerns his presence would unfortunately distract from the departments budget request

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