Supporting family values is not fascism its caring for humanity World Congress of Families envoy

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standing strong for traditional family values is not fascism of the world congress of families. We think that this is destructive to the natural family and a madness that will bring humanity to destruction. As for the participants Latin America and Australia. Despite their demonization in the media Komov said. Candace Owens will testify before the House Judiciary Committee next week during a hearing on hate crimes and white nationalism. Thats really really wrong and we have to almost correct the record on that. Dismemberment abortions are among the most brutal methods of abortion said Rounds. In a dismemberment abortion one piece at a time. It does not limit abortions performed in cases of rape or incest if performed by a method other than dismemberment abortion. This bill prohibits the prosecution of women upon whom a dismemberment abortion is performed

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