Palo Alto woman loses job after confronting MAGA hat wearing Starbucks customer

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workers stitch together hats on the factory floor of cali fame and cali headwear in carson calif. The hat and apparel maker is best known for producing Donald Trumps Make America Great Again. san jose gas station employee fired after racist tirade against spanish speakera day later palo alto music store gryphon strings announced that mankey had lost her job. Mankey told the Palo Alto Weekly that she and her family have received death threats after the incident. The confrontation took place at the coffeehouse on California Avenue on Monday which quickly went viral. Restaurant Manager Denies Service to MAGA Hat Man in Social ExperimentHidden cameras were set up last year for an episode of What Would You Do? at the Randolph diner in Randolph to conduct a social experiment. An actor pretending to be the restaurant manager refused service to a patron because he was wearing a MAGA hat and a hidden camera crew filmed peoples reactions. Im gonna ask you to remove your hat adding that he would not be served if he wears a MAGA hat

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