Female prison guard suspiciously had SEX with a killer behind bars for murdering a police officer

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Prison guard Amy Connors is alleged to have had sex with cop killer Sione PenisiniA female prison guard accused of having sex with a cop kill behind bars wont face charges if their alleged tryst is proven because it is not illegal. Penisini was transferred to Goulburn Supermax prison after the alleged relationship was uncovered. The Daily Telegraph reported that Mr Elliots office will now look into ways to prevent sex between corrections staff and prisoners. It is clear this inmate should never have been alone with a junior female officer. A womens advocacy group accused former Vice President Joe Biden of being the ringleader of a hostile and sexist hearing after he expressed regret about how he handled the case involving Anita Hill and warned it will likely follow him into his potential 2020 presidential bid. Her reputation was attacked Biden said at the Biden Courage Awards in New York City on Tuesday. Joe Biden was the ringleader of the hostile and sexist hearing that put Anita Hill UltraViolet co founder and executive director Shaunna Thomas tweeted. This is not something he can just get out of the way before announcing his candidacy Shuanna Thomas tweeted. The two men convicted as ringleaders of the human sex trafficking rings are serving lengthy prison sentences and now lawyers are turning their focus on the hotels. The lawsuit filed Wednesday seeks to hold the owners and parent companies of three Philadelphia hotels responsible for what it alleges are human sex trafficking rings that happened right under their noses

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