Elderly beachgoer praised as hero after hilariously upstaging model during bikini shoot

ring shoot


A womans sexy modeling session has gone viral on social media but its not for her fierce posing. An unidentified woman was modeling on a beach while showing off a tiny red bikini when a man walking behind her managed to steal the spotlight. The person filming changed angles again but the older gentleman continued to walk into the shot. A former soldier heard shouts of stop or I will shoot during searches for a missing trainee whose dead body was later found on a military base an inquest has heard. She told the inquest there were several searches of the base for the missing Pte Gray without anyone seeing anything. guys come running and the fence was going and the guard commander was shouting dont shoot dont shoot and the guys they were running. One of them was shouting stop or I will shoot and the guard commander was saying dont shoot. 5 wife who was a prosecutor in illinois. Cash bail was set at $2 million Tuesday for Ulisses Medina Espinosa of Beaver Dam. The defendants mother exclaimed Assistant District Attorney Jim Sempf said

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