Defense Officials Get a Grilling at Space Force Hearing

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The Pentagon sought to keep the cost of the Space Force down by staffing it with existing personnel mostly from the Air Force. A private cargo ship brought the makings of an Easter feast as well as some Canadian made treats to the International Space Station on Friday along with mice and little flying robots. Roger Chaffee officially on board McClain radioed. Two hours after its arrival the capsule was anchored onto the space station by flight controllers working remotely from Houston. Besides McClain and Saint Jacques as well as two Russians. In a week of disruption in the capital blocked major roads and bridges and protested at Heathrow Airport. Scotland Yard has condemned the ongoing disruption and has now warned that arrests made during the week are putting police resources under strain. The mast was dismantled behind a police cordon and the boat was towed away to a nearby location as the climate change protesters chanted we have more boats. Of all the variations of hardware EBAD builds for Orion both here on Earth and in space

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