Donald Trump Jr Gives Interview to Fringe Right Wing Network That Traffics in End Times Reporting

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not afford a publicist to screen his interview requests?Because hiring one might be a good idea before he sits down with a fringe network full of conspiracy theorists again. giving an interview to Sean Hannity that night in which he repeated many of the usual right wing talking points about the Russia investigation. released a statement addressing the matter. The Czech Republics right populist president Andrej Babi has criticised the cost for host nations to hold the rotating Council of the European Union one of seven presidents of the bloc. The European Union has been criticised for its perceived wasting of Europeans money on needless bureaucratic agencies. The Council of the European Union is the voice of EU member governments comprised of government ministers from each EU country. That is not to be confused with the European Council which is comprised of the heads of state of governments of EU countries presided over by Donald Tusk. They have lost the privilege of being in a classroom with Texas children and forfeit the title of teacher. Because I just received a phone call suggesting that the teacher in question should be murdered after school

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