Gillibrand Trump Is Tearing Apart Our Soul as a Nation by Spewing Racism Antisemitism and Homophobia

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Gillibrand said which is one of the reasons why Im running for president. I believe I can bring this country together. I believe that this country is so divided because we have a president who spews hate and division and racism and homophobia in such a way that he is literally tearing apart the moral fabric of this country. For their part committee Republicans used their time to crow about the exoneration of Trump while praising the glories of a wall at the southern border. massive amounts of a large most of the drugs much of the drugs coming into our country come through the southern border. Cant take you anymore addressing migrants and asylum seekers at the southern border. DHS a vast agency employing nearly 230 aviation security and counterterrorism is headless. Trump is tired of hearing and is busily chewing through the tattered safeguards that sustain the last lingering vestiges of our democracy. Peg Fram was driving when she learned the president wanted to fire her spouse. I pulled over and I have to say Peg Fram told The Daily Beast

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