Trumps health care blundering soothes Democratic infighting

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While the NBA is not the most surprising league this season does provide a little more unpredictability than in years past. There will be at least one new title contender with the Cleveland Cavaliers heading to the lottery. Its possible that a fresh young team could knock them off the throne. The Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference and the Denver Nuggets in the West emerged as forces this season after years of dashed hopes. In the years Ive been here Republicans have never agreed on a health care plan. Nice to start the day with a smile she said when asked about health care. On health care but its a question of when. for whom the bell tolls has not stopped trump from deriding the arizona senator at political rallies. im very proud that the national defense authorization act for fiscal year. Bernie Sanders swung through Gary on Saturday with a message for working class voters who helped usher Donald Trump into the presidency

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