Energy Minister Angus Taylors brother under investigation for for illegal land clearing

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Sacramento Fire Department via FacebookArson is being considered after two Sacramento house fires Saturday morning happened on properties owned by the same person the Sacramento Fire Department said. Keith Wade said they are the latest in a string of suspicious early morning house fires in Sacramento. Go up into this house and start a fire!No one was injured in the empty house fires but neighbors said they felt the impact. These people did nothing to this crazy maniac. string of suspicious house fires in sacramento prompts investigationcheck out kcra. The department overseen by Energy Minister Angus Taylor is investigating his brother over allegations of illegal land clearing it emerged in Senate estimates on Monday. However officials from the Department of the Environment and Energy said he had not been briefed on the investigation. The brother of Liberal MP Angus Taylor is being investigated by the department he oversees. But they confirmed that Jam Land Pty Ltd was the company at the centre of the investigations was a director of the company. Carbon Engineerings pilot on the rocky shores of Howe Sound is one of several carbon direct capture ventures being attempted around the world

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