An Instagram account is calling out hipster pastors for wearing expensive designer sneakers

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A man wearing a Donald Trump shirt has yelled abuse at members of the Muslim community gathered at one of the mosques targeted in the Christchurch terror attack. She was like a guy just came in wearing a Trump shirt and he was shouting abuse at all of us. SUPPLIED Police are looking for a man witnesses say was wearing a Donald Trump shirt and yelling abuse at members of the Muslim community. Olmo added to the outlet that the victim flipped off Bergland and also assaulted him with the hat prior to the slashing. i dont agree with what trump does berkeley. even though the earbuds were connected to a dead iPhone. His iPhone was in the centre cubby hole on his dashboard with the earbuds plugged in. The phone wasnt in his hands or his lap and he wasnt using it to talk to someone or navigate. Nonetheless Judicial Justice Brent Adair found that Grzelak was legally using the phone. RCMPs traffic services but wearing two can result in a $368 fine

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