Brazen bull saunters around fields wearing ring feeder to let farmer know he wants more food

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Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodmans swearing in for a third term Wednesday has been postponed until May because she isnt feeling well. Her husband delivered a victory speech on her behalf. Carolyn Goodman attended a city council meeting the next day but left halfway through after feeling ill. The huge animal sashayed around a field wearing a metal ring feeder to alert a farmer that he was hungry despite being surrounded by plentiful lush green grass. ed the hilarious scene unfold at his farm in jamestown after searching for the missing feeder. ed open mouthed as the hefty balancer bull strutted across the field sporting the metal ring in a bid to bag some extra hay. Before I started filming wed actually gone out looking for the hay ring to put out more hay. Its a private company they can require to their employees to wear whatever they want within reason another agreed. Its no different than McDonalds requiring their employees to wear a hat

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