Dead skydiver wasnt wearing parachute when body found witnesses

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a man died in a skydiving incident in williamstown n. Skydive Cross Keys also said the mans parachute was deployed when he left the plane. Witnesses told CBS Philly the parachute wasnt on the skydiver when his body was found. I thought it was a jet or a rocket said witness Maria Mead. An Uber driver in London accepted a ride then later refused to pick up his passengers when he saw they were two Jewish men. sam adler and his business partner said. Uber has since barred the driver from its platform telling Business Insider in a statement that the episode was totally unacceptable. Uber banned a driver in London from its app after he canceled a ride on two Jewish men saying I dont take Jews. Because Ahmad canceled the Adlers trip in advance it is unlikely that Adler paid a fare or booking fee for the ride

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