man suspiciously steals womans underwear during realtor open house

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Think back to the last time you wore cargo pants. It might also remind you of your first boyfriend and the scent of Lynx Africa. A man in San Mateo according to an NBC Los Angeles report. A husband said that this individual swiped his wifes underwear. Stole all of her push up bras from her dresser. In the footage the realtor left the residence while the alleged thief left off frame to go into a hallway. The individual soon reemerged with the bulge in his jacket getting bigger. Viewers spotted one individual fist pumping when Toby Alderweirelds own goal trickled into his net. Some social media users thought the man was a match official but SunSport understands he was actually a masseur for match officials provided on match days. just a match official celebrating liverpools winning goal

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