Military shaves restrictions on women in uniform wearing ponytails

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A mother dodged Thomas Cooks baggage charges on a flight by wearing 3kg worth of clothing which included seven dresses and two pairs of shoes. It was nearly 4kg over but they wanted to charge us 65 each just to get it on the plane. As soon as I got on the plane I took it all off and put it back in my case. Thomas Cook guidelines state that adults are allowed to bring one piece of hand baggage weighing up to 6kg onto the flight free of charge. Luckily Natalie didnt face the same on the way back. OTTAWA The Canadian military isnt letting its hair down just yet women in uniform will be allowed to wear ponytails. It also comes amid a concerted effort by senior commanders to increase the number of women in the military which has so far moved slower than some had hoped. They were also required to wear five centimetre pumps or oxford shoes as well as nylons if they were working in skirts. But it likely wont hurt the militarys efforts to recruit and retain more women in uniform. About a year ago on one or more anonymous sources

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