Squirrel enjoys eating avocado while wearing avocado helmet

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Two men have been charged with assault and robbery of a Maryland man who was wearing a make America great again hat as he was walking off his dinner over the weekend. Atsu Mable says he was attacked by three men over the weekend because he was wearing a #MAGA hat. Mable said he plans on continuing to wear his MAGA hat despite the assault. The alleged incident with Mable is the latest that involves a MAGA hat. Also this year Empire actor Jussie Smollett allegedly faked a hate crime in which he claimed two white males wearing MAGA hats assaulted him. Squirrel enjoys eating avocado while wearing avocado helmetSave over 50% on this super organized luggage that has compartments for everything Are you super organized?Youre going to love the Genius Pack G4 and its seemingly limitless well placed compartments. Youre still going to love this piece of luggage because its so well thought out that it practically does the packing for you. Youre hungry for knowledge the insights that can lead to bigger and better ideas and ways to implement them. That knowledge is out there in the bestselling biz books that have changed the game over the years. EDMONTON Albertas incoming premier says a law to repeal the provinces carbon tax and another that will cut business taxes will be the first steps his government takes once in power

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