Sword carrying man wearing MAGA hat suspiciously slashes pedestrians hand There was a river of blood

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A man wearing a MAGA allegedly shouted homophobic slurs at people on the street and slashed the hand of a man. The suspect took out his sword cut the other mans hand and ran away. Demi Rose is likely still recovering from the 282 902 likes generated by her 24th birthday post to Instagram just two days ago. Standing in the Dead Sea without a soul in sight Demi is shot from behind as she seductively gazes into the lens. wearing nothing but a white thong bikini its au naturel as the ocean setting keeps things simple. demis instagram location pointed towards a visit to thailand. Officer Robert Rueca the Chronicle reported. The victim then tried to grab the hat Rueca told the paper. Police originally reported the victim was wearing the MAGA hat but changed their statement late Saturday the Chronicle said. The victim was taken to a hospital where he was treated for injuries that were not life threatening police told the Chronicle

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