Trump Supporter Isnt Backing Down from Wearing His MAGA Hat After Alleged Assault Im Very Proud

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I have a message for love that Jesus said in the Bible that you must love your neighbor so I still love them. I think whatever happened to me that day should not happen to anybody. Im ready to make peace with them if I could see them again Mable added. The two men were found attempting to hide among a group of children playing basketball. They are facing charges that include second degree assault and attempted theft. He also noted that he was very proud of wearing the hat. Atsu Mable said that he was out for a walk on Saturday when three men attempted to bully him into removing his hat before resorting to violence. Mable claimed that his assailants couldnt understand how a black man could be a Republican. They felt like a black man should not be wearing a Trump hat because its like when you are black he said. The violent leftists told him to remove his hat

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