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Neighbours claimed Charles Eugene Ferris were drunkenly peppering each other with gunfire in the back gardenTWO friends could face up to six years behind bars after reportedly shooting each other while wearing bulletproof vests. Charles Eugene Ferris after neighbours claimed they were drunkenly peppering each other with gunfire in the back garden. Ferris then asked Hicks to shoot him in the chest in which he duly obliged. It is further reported that Ferris was left angry at the pain and then unleashed five bullets into the back of Hicks who took his turn to wear the vest. They say if you can see it so I assumed Id be what Id grown up seeing. Following someone elses path is easier at least at first than figuring out the other paths that might exist. But neither do I correct the delivery person when he hands over the pizza Ive ordered instead of cooking dinner. If youve thought of throwing it away in a Kondo inspired fit of organization might I suggest you wait?. The Queen has banned the Duchess of Sussex from wearing some of the priceless items from her Royal Collection it has been revealed today. it is true that buckingham palace did not want all the items in the royal collection to be opened up to meghan at this time

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