Report Patriots Brady Battling Case Of Tennis Elbow

riot brady


there has been much speculation as to the health of tom bradys elbow in. over time the tendons can develop tiny micro tears from repetitive work. I know but remember those tendons are under stress when theyre moving the wrist. Lots of patients want to hurry things up with a steroid injection but I always try to avoid it. At 42 years old Tom Brady isnt afraid to put his body on the line. In the second quarter of Saturdays Patriots Bills game who then flipped the ball to wide receiver NKeal Harry. Tom Brady out here throwing blocks like its the Super Bowl added retired NFL offensive guard Geoff Schwartz. He hit nine different receivers in going 26 clinching victory over the Bills. It was a huge boost of confidence for the team and outlook for the Patriots going forward. But it also spoke a lot about the 42 old quarterback and whether hes still capable of getting the most out of an offense thats lacking top talent

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