Tom Bradys Departure From Patriots Stemmed From Deeper Wounds Ben Roethlisberger Suggests

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Until last week the NFL had grappled all offseason with where Tom Brady would play in 2020. For those who believed Brady planned to leave the natural follow up question asked who would succeed Brady in New England. By finally picking their free agent Sunday the Patriots effectively slated Jarrett Stidham as the favorite to start at quarterback next season. Upon closer look Stidhams interception and most of his nine sacks because he held onto the ball too long. Without Brady the Patriots have officially entered a new era. While it was believed that Brady wanted to go to San Francisco the side remained committed to Jimmy Garoppolo. Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger believes that Brady will have a good relationship with Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians. Whether it was a contract dispute or something else but Ben Roethlisberger suggested something deeper. former new england patriots safety duron harmon found out about trade during tooth extraction. is a great quarterbacks coach and a great players coach roethlisberger told the post gazette

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