CMU Finds That Even Bad Robot Trash Talk Can Throw You Off Your Game

robot trash


a commercially available humanoid robot known as pepper. The study was an outgrowth of a student project in AI Methods for Social Good a course that Fang teaches. Each participant played the game 35 times with the robot while either soaking in encouraging words from the robot or getting their ears singed with dismissive remarks. Future work might focus on nonverbal expression between robot and humans now a Ph. Aaron Roth of Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania and his colleagues found that the language a robot opponent used during a competitive game affected how well people played. Negative comments from the robot caused humans to play less rationally. The researchers used a humanoid robot developed by SoftBank Robotics. It is equipped with cameras and microphones and can speak and move. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania took the friendly humanoid Pepper robot and turned it into a Debbie Downer for a study on how humans react to robo insults. The researchers discovered that game scores suffered when the robot said unkind things

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