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Oyub Titiev said the case was politically motivated. In recent years torture and the persecution of gay men. the four year prison sentence slapped on oyub titiev is an affront to human rights and justice. The court has revealed itself to be little more than a tool that the regional authorities have used to silence one of the last human rights defenders working in Chechnya. the conviction of oyub titiev is but the latest example of the hostile and dangerous environment in which human rights defenders operate in the chechen republic. A court in Russias province of Chechnya on Monday sentenced a prominent rights activist to four years imprisonment on drug charges widely seen as an effort by authorities to stifle a critical voice. Chechnyas regional leader Ramzan Kadyrov publicly called Titiyev a junkie. Titiyevs trial could become a watershed moment for Chechnya where the crackdown on rights activists has been unrelenting

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