Ukrainian Security Service catch seven Russian agents responsible for terrorist acts

russia agent


TonightPartly cloudy skies early followed by scattered thunderstorms overnight. The SBU has halted the activity in our national territory of a seven person sabotage and reconnaissance terrorist group belonging to the Russian intelligence services. The group is also considered responsible for attempting to blow up the vehicle of another Ukrainian military intelligence officer in Kyiv. These were joint operations by the Russian Federal Security Service and Russian military intelligence the SBU chief observed. a bomb went off in a car belonging to a ukrainian intelligence officer. Weve seen indictments from Mueller but indictments are assertions and assertions are not evidence. There is no evidence that Assange ever provided any assistance to the Russian government knowingly or unknowingly. The fact that they choose not to shows that theyre not worried about RT theyre worried about dissident thinkers like Assange. _______________________This is an excerpt from the upcoming mega article Debunking All The Assange Smears which is still under construction. about a meeting with a Russian agent looked really bad according the Mueller report which was released on Wednesday

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