Russian agent Maria Butina asks to be released from jail

russia butina


Admitted Russian agent Maria Butina has asked to be released from prison and sent back to Russia according to a Friday court filing. Butinas attorneys characterized her in a sentencing memo Friday as a someone with a bright future that was ruined for helping with diplomacy efforts CNN reported. Nearly a year ago she graduated with a masters degree from American University with straight As and bright career prospects. organizations for Russia particularly with the backing of former Russian politician Alexander Torshin. Maria Butina who has been indicted on charges of being a Russian agent. # p #2_5 # ad skipped = NULL #The value of this information to the Russian Federation is immense prosecutors wrote. # p #4_5 # ad skipped = NULL #Read the full report here. # p #5_5 # ad skipped = NULL ## p #6_5 # ad skipped = NULL #. Maria Butina who has admitted to working as a Russian agent to infiltrate an influential U. gun rights group and make inroads with conservative activists and Republicans according to court documents

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