Ambassadors Designated By Venezuelas Guaido Meet In Colombia On Winning Over China And Russia

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A global shipping lane could connect East Asia and Europe if Chinas Maritime Silk Road joins Russias Northern Sea Route Vladimir Putin told world leaders as they gathered for a Belt and Road meeting in Beijing. Russia is doing its utmost to invest in its Northern Sea Route Putin said. We are considering connecting it with the Chinese Maritime Silk Road the president explained. All countries taking part in the Belt and Road Initiative are therefore encouraged to embark on the project. Inspired by the historic trade routes that connected Europe to East Asia and East Africa. Venezuela is almost entirely reliant on oil revenue with 96 percent of its income from crude and the US its single largest customer. It means China and Russia may have to be Venezuelas lifesavers specialist Luis Oliveros told AFP. but hakim says the added pressure could turn the military against maduro. venezuelan opposition leader juan guaido . The plan will aim to convince Russia and China to back Guaido told Reuters

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