Can Russia And China Survive This Unharmonious World

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In the ancient classic works of China be understood as being harmonious. Both countries were practically under attack and forced to fight for their survival. There is hardly any doubt that under the leadership of China and Russia our world would be able to tackle the most profound problems that it has been facing. he added that full completion of the cross border bridge. in russia according to chinas cns agency. Both Russia and China have increased their military presence in the once hushed pocket of earths northmost terrain. Russia has ramped up its fleet of icebreaker ships and revived military bases built during the Cold War era. The Arctic is changing faster than anywhere else in the world long term sea ice at a rapid rate. A conflict in the Arctic would be very difficult expensive and damaging for any and all participants. The kind of equipment necessary to project force there is very expensive and repairs or medical attention for wounded are difficult to provide

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