Chinas Voracious Appetite for Timber Stokes Fury in Russia and Beyond

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The total value of Chinas timber imports rough logs according to IHS Markits Global Trade Atlas. A FRANTIC race is on to find the full wreckage of F 35a stealth jet that crashed into the sea before China or Russia can steal its top secret tech. Japans military revealed on Tuesday that it had lost contact with the stealth jet around 80 miles off its east coast in the Pacific Ocean. There is no price too high in this world for China and Russia to pay to get Japans missing F 35 if they can. OTHER JETS GROUNDEDThe crashed aircraft was the fifth delivered to the ASDF a second ASDF official told Reuters. dog warns of active spying and foreign influencechina and russia are among a handful of states conducting espionage and foreign influence activities in canada the parliamentary. Cyber ThreatsAnother national security concern identified by the committee is cyber threats. The report cites a study by Canadas cybersecurity agency Communications Security Establishment which said that foreign countries are constantly making efforts to gain access to government networks in Canada

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