EU Asks for Increased Efforts Against Fake News Amid Russia China Election Interference Concerns

russia china


European politicians are especially on edge as some parties in EU member states are expected to perform well at upcoming elections. Under the orders of John Bolton and more specifically for trying to deter either Russia or China from doing anything to help President Maduro. The US should step away from belligerent rhetoric and wind down its wasteful militaristic policies after its Secretary of State accused Beijing and Moscow of bankrolling the Venezuelan leader. The future of US China relations is shaky. we as a country need scapegoating for our policies. So the purpose of Pompeo and the neocons is to blame somebody whether it is China or Russia. Washington should step away from aggressive diplomacy and also quit wasting money on militarism by hiding behind imaginary threats. We do not spend it on defense we spend it on militarism

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