US Russia China Call For Inclusive Afghan Led Peace Process

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the statement also said that it takes note of the talibans commitment to fight the islamic state. However representative Afghan delegation that includes the government. The Fund will engage in the implementation of strategically important investment projects the Far East of Russia and the north eastern part of China. the china russia regional rmb fund virtually is the first active rmb [yuan. It is one of the most important examples of regional cooperation between the two countries Dmitriev said. The China Russia Regional RMB Fund is a landmark example of the productive development of the bilateral regional cooperation. the united states on friday found backing from rivals russia and china on the key formula of a peace deal it is negotiating in afghanistan. The Kabul embassy is a testament to the size of Americas investment in Afghanistan since it went to war there. A drastic embassy workforce cut will likely reverberate throughout Afghanistan. Russia and China both have strong interests in Afghanistan

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