A Russia Collusion Investigator Was In UK When The Events That Allegedly Led To The Investigation Were Going On

russia collusion


one particular tidbit from this interview was recently highlighted by real clear investigations. Whenever Priestap answered where he went the answer was redacted by government officials in the official transcript. RCIs Eric Felten wondered sarcastically what exotic destination Priestap could have travelled to that would need to be redacted. Not exposing our British partners has been the Justice Departments justification for locking up secrets about the beginnings of the Trump investigation. If Priestap could have answered no without perjuring himself Felten wrote. It also underscored the urgency of fixing the nations election security gaps before 2020 a task that state and local governments have been slow to take on. Most of the evidence of the Kremlins efforts has already surfaced in the indictments Mueller secured against Russian hackers and social media trolls. State and local election officials began vowing an increased focus on cybersecurity. here are five of those instances and what the redacted mueller report says and doesnt say about them. The report does not say whether Trump himself had advance knowledge of the meeting or its connection to Russians

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