Commentary Same People Behind Iraq War Lies Pushed Russian Collusion

russia collusion


PETERSBURG Russia Russian President Vladimir Putin says special counsel Robert Muellers investigation report validated Moscows repeated denials of collusion with U. between President Donald Trumps campaign. Putin says he thinks their attacks on Trump are a disrespect to voters and reflect a crisis of the U. The Russian leader said he hopes partisan fighting in Washington eases so the U. and Russia can focus on issues of mutual interest fighting terrorism and climate change. In fact one can draw a straight line between the approach of neoconservative propagandists from the Iraq War travesty and the Trump Russia collusion hoax. that probably isnt where the similarities between Russian collusion and the Iraq War will end. the goal of the intersectional iraq war and trump russia collusion fraudsters was clear. A headline today is that William Barrs personally reviewing the conduct of the FBI in launching the Trump Russia collusion hoax. He knows and there is a plethora of evidence that the process by the FBI was corrupted by political bias and personal animus Jarrett told Sean Hannity

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