Liz Crokin The Media Lied About Russian Collusion Which Proves That Pizzagate Is True

russia collusion


Newt called the Russia Collusion investigation an attempted coup detat. And then he tore into corrupt Democrat Adam Schiff the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee. this is the first deliberate attempt of a coup detat by the deep state weve ever seen. You had the head of a CIA who I think was undermining the United States and undermining the constitution. What Is Genie Energy And Why It Matters In The Golan Heights. Crokin said that in light of the reported findings of the Mueller investigation people who have doubted Q or Pizzagate now have to realize that the media has been engaged in treason and cannot be trusted. And since the media has dismissed Q and Pizzagate as right wing conspiracy theories that should be taken as evidence that they are real. These people lied to you about the Russia collusion hoax in an attempt to overthrow the president. So if theyre lying about Russia they might be lying about Pizzagate and QAnon too

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